Tanie loty z Wysp Marshalla do Turcji


  • Canakkale
  • Edirne
  • Tekirdag
  • Kırklareli
  • Balikesir
  • Thrace route
  • North Aegean Route

General information

Official language: Turkish
Time zone: UTC+3
Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

What to do?

Canakkale is a must-visit destination for those interested in history, especially in the ancient world, but this is not the only value the city has to offer. It provides magnificent sea views, historical sites and boasts delicious cuisine too. Want to know the top places in Canakkale? Keep reading.

Probably everyone heard of the ancient Troy at least once in their lifetime, either at history classes or by watching the world-famous 2004 movie starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. The Trojan wars are thought to have happened here, as some of the artifacts from the excavations at the Archaeological Site of Troy inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List prove. Do not forget to take a photo of the wooden Trojan horse prop that appeared in the movie and visit the Troy Museum.

Another place you should visit in the Canakkale region is Tevfikiye village situated relatively close to the ruins of Troy which is an archeo-village depicting the Troy era. Visitors will definitely appreciate the historical, mythological, and cultural values of the open-air museum and they will have a chance to buy organic produce and souvenirs. There are also many fortification buildings situated in the province, such as Bozcaada Castle, Kilitbahir Castle, Çimenlik Castle, Anatolian Hamidiye Bastion. The city of Assos, the cradle of philosophy which is also home to the Temple of Athena, is well worth a visit as well.

Do not leave Canakkale without a walk along the beautiful coastline or swimming in the sea. To purchase souvenirs, visit the colorful, lively Aynalı Çarşı Bazaar, subject of folk songs. This is the most popular such place in Canakkale and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

What to taste?

Canakkale is not all about history. It has delicious cuisine dominated by fish and seafood. You should definitely try scorpionfish soup the Çanakkale area is famous for as well as dishes made from nutritious Melki mushrooms growing under pine trees. You cannot forget sardine-based dishes either.

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